Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five years have passed - Rest In Peace IMA

Five years have past since my IMA died. Today the word IMA is uttered at my home al least 10 times per day, but it is my two boys who say it. I have not said it for five years. I miss you IMA, I will always miss you. You were my mother, and my friend, my very close and dear friend. You used to tell me this in special occasions, and sometimes when you had a request: that I am not just your dear daughter, I am your friend. So now I tell you, IMA, you also were my friend. I miss our telephone conversations, your counseling, your wise mind, your sage advise. I miss your silences and your kind nodes. I was with you the last night of your life and I consider it a PRIVILEGE. I remember you as you were once, a dear mother, with a soft and warm body that was always ready to hug us. Always there for us. Rest In Peace, IMA, you will not be forgotten, we carry you in our minds and our souls, all the time.