Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five years have passed - Rest In Peace IMA

Five years have past since my IMA died. Today the word IMA is uttered at my home al least 10 times per day, but it is my two boys who say it. I have not said it for five years. I miss you IMA, I will always miss you. You were my mother, and my friend, my very close and dear friend. You used to tell me this in special occasions, and sometimes when you had a request: that I am not just your dear daughter, I am your friend. So now I tell you, IMA, you also were my friend. I miss our telephone conversations, your counseling, your wise mind, your sage advise. I miss your silences and your kind nodes. I was with you the last night of your life and I consider it a PRIVILEGE. I remember you as you were once, a dear mother, with a soft and warm body that was always ready to hug us. Always there for us. Rest In Peace, IMA, you will not be forgotten, we carry you in our minds and our souls, all the time.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cat in Cemetery

Last month I visited Paris,

My husband could not join me, so I planned to go with a friend, but then, an attractive translation project came along, my friend could not come and, finally, I decided to go by MYSELF.

It's a kind of VIPASANA visiting a big city by yourself; you can do whatever you want all day and choose the sights and sites that you prefer to see.

This time it was the first time I was abroad since IMA died… friends have already told me that the first year of mourning is extremely difficult since there are many "first events" that you do for the first time without the loved one… indeed IT WAS difficult, the simple fact that I could not share my experiences – as I always used to – with my mother was very hard for me…

In any case, I decided to visit the famous Cemetery of Montmartre, which I found extremely peaceful and aesthetic. At a certain point a cat caught my eye since he was sitting calmly among the graves…

Of course, you cannot avoid thinking about your own death, that shall come one day and seize you from the world of the living; and, subsequently, about your present life, and whether you are living it in a worthful and meaningful manner…

In the material modern world of today, which is full of noise and constant interruptions, I would recommend everyone to invest the time for going for a peaceful walk in a cemetery…

Thursday, March 13, 2008

plated fish and death

It is difficult to grasp the magnitude and deep meaning of DEATH. Lots of texts and books have been written on this major existential issue, and even a whole school of philosophy called "existentialism" was founded based on these thoughts… When I see a giant plated fish swimming around in a pond, I have the association of COLD and SOLITUDE that might be related to DEATH.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Two weeks ago, on Saturday, November 10th, at 11 am, my mother died.

She died after a courageous battle against cancer.

I was with her at her last moments and so were my two sisters, she died in her bed at her home, with no medical intervention, as she wished to.

I passed with her the last night of her life and prayed for her "SHMA ISRAEL" although I consider myself a non religious Jewish woman.

We shall never, never forget her dignity and courage, which se kept till her very last moments.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The diagnosis

Two years ago, on November 2005 we found out that my mother was sick with pancreatic cancer.

For some weeks already, IMA (mother in Hebrew) complained of pain and difficulties eating, of course we called some doctors that said that it is probably a VIRUS.

One of the last images I held of my "non cancerous" mother is me and her enjoying a sunny day on "Hof Hatzuk", a nice beach located on the north part of Tel-Aviv, me walking on the shore and IMA waving on my direction. This event took place two days before the diagnosis.

Two days after our outing at the beach my mother waked up suffering from jaundice.